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Q: What can I count as deductions for a blog conference? Are clothes deductible?

A: You’d be surprised by the number of deductions you can take from attending a blogging conference. The simplest way of looking at potential deductions is that if it relates to or promotes your blog you can deduct it.

As far as clothes go – unless you’re required to wear a uniform, or wear safety gear, like boots or a hard hat – the IRS doesn’t count buying new clothes for a conference as a tax deduction.

Here’s the short list of what’s deductible.

Conference Registration Fees

You can deduct conference registration fees for a blog conference where you network and learn to improve your blog.

Licensing Fees

You can also deduct, licensing fees, as long as they pertain to your blog topic. (i.e. You blog about hairstyles and you pay a licensing fee to maintain your stylist license)


Any training you receive, as long as it pertains to your blog or the topic you blog about, is a valid deduction. The cost of that online class you’re enrolled in about SEO  is tax deductible. or the crash course you’re taking in graphic design so you can start that design blog you’ve always dreamed about all count as tax deductions. Even if you attend a virtual blog conference it still counts!

Make sure you print and file receipts, or if you’re really organized, start a simple spreadsheet with date, purchase amount, who you paid, and what it was for. Still stash your receipts so you have them as proof if by chance you’re audited.

Travel & Meals

As long as travel and meals are related to your blog or business, then you can deduct them on your taxes. Keep receipts for bus passes, plane tickets and taxi cabs. Even keep a mileage book of your travels if you’re driving to the conference.

Coffee & Drinks

Coffee dates and drinks for business meetings or to meet with potential clients, are also deductions – again, a receipt stash and a simple spreadsheet will make your life that much easier come tax time.

Check out our more extensive list of deductions for bloggers or contact us if you have specific questions regarding your taxes.

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