Mazuma is now Vyde

Why did Mazuma USA change to Vyde?

Good bye Mazuma. Hello Vyde.

Mazuma USA is rebranding to Vyde to demonstrate our company’s commitment to providing small business owners with the accounting insights they need to thrive.

This rebrand marks a renewed purpose for our team to elevate our customer experience and provide valuable financial insights.

“At our core, we have always been a client-centric company,” says Greg Nielson, Vyde co-founder. “We started with the goal of providing financial insights and affordable accounting solutions to customers who are often overlooked—small business owners. As our company grows, it’s easy to become distracted from that purpose. That’s why we are making a change: to realign our name with our company’s heritage, vision, and goals.”

Why Choose Vyde?

We’re moving away from Mazuma, which translates to ‘money,’ to Vyde, which means ‘to see, consult, and provide insight.’ As a company, we believe our focus should always be customer-focused. Providing customers with better insights and service helps us both grow.

Vyde, and all it represents, better aligns with who we are and what we stand for.

This rebrand, at its core, centers around simplifying our company’s direction and goals to focus on customers. The Vyde logo complements this approach, symbolizing simplicity, direction, and progress.

A New and Improved Experience

Our new name is only the start,” says Ben Sutton, Vyde co-founder. “Vyde focuses our direction. It’s about people. It’s about small business owners working to turn their dreams into reality. They are the ones making the numbers. They are the ones making the difference. We’re here to help open the way into a better future.

A new name and logo is only the tipping point for our company rebrand. We are also making changes within our organization and technology to facilitate a better customer experience.
Some of these changes, which will be rolled out over the next year, include:


Nope! Our services will continue moving forward as usual. If anything, the rebrand should provide an improved tax experience in 2024 as we revamp our customer service and care before next tax season.

No. Your plan and pricing will stay the same, just with improved customer support and financial insights. Vyde does reserve the right to update or change or prices in the future, but there will be no immediate price change.

Yes! We will be updating our email addresses, but the old ones will continue to send to our email inboxes, so use whatever is easiest for you. Our chat and phone numbers will not change.