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The IRS requires you to fill out a Form 4868 to request a tax extension, but many states also have their own guidelines on requesting an extension on state taxes. Some states, like California offer automatic extensions, while many other require separate paperwork from the Form 4868.
Since almost every state in the US is different in this regard, you’ll need to check with your state’s tax authority to see what you need to do to file a state tax extension. States including Alabama, California, and Wisconsin offer automatic six month extensions without any additional forms, while New York grants extensions but they must be requested specifically. Nine states do not have a state income tax, so you don’t even have to file an income tax return in those states.
See detailed information about state extension filing deadlines and mailing addresses by selecting your state of interest from this state tax authority’s website. Many states have state-specific tax extension forms, separate from the IRS Form 4868.
Keep in mind that a tax extension with the IRS and with your state does not also mean an extension to pay any taxes you may owe. This payment is still due by the original tax deadline of April 15th. To avoid paying any penalties, calculate a quick estimate of what you might owe and submit a payment with your tax extension paperwork. Even if you overpay, you can always claim a refund in a few months when you eventually file your state tax return.
Extended state tax returns are due October 15th, which is the same IRS deadline. If you miss the extended tax deadline, you will likely be subject to penalties and interest from both sources. Have more questions on state tax extensions? Vyde can help answer them and other small business bookkeeping questions.
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