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163991506-tax-timeUp until 2005, a tax deadline extension granted an individual or business an additional four months to file taxes, beyond the April 15th filing deadline. If taxes could not be filed within that time period, a second extension was available and granted an additional two months to file taxes. However, the IRS has since done away with this rule. Second IRS tax extensions are no longer available for business taxes, and are only available in specific circumstances for personal taxes.

If you filed a tax deadline extension by April 15th, your new deadline to file personal taxes is October 15th. While a tax deadline extension grants additional time to fill out and submit your tax forms to the IRS, it does not grant additional time to pay any taxes that may be due. All tax payments must be made by April 15th, and are generally submitted with the tax extension form.

In special circumstances, the IRS grants individuals a second IRS tax deadline extension for personal taxes. These circumstances include:

Members of the US Military: Members of the Armed Forces who are serving in a combat zone or contingency operation at the time their taxes are due, are eligible for a second personal IRS tax deadline extension of up to six months. The tax extension begins once their deployment ends.

Taxpayers Living Outside the US: In certain situations, taxpayers living outside the United States are granted an additional two month tax deadline extension for their personal taxes. This request must be made by October 15th, and can be done by filling out the appropriate second tax extension form on the IRS website.


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