Mazuma is now Vyde

It seems like goals is a buzzword in business these days. We hear about solopreneurs achieving lofty aspirations and turning their side hustle into a corporation almost overnight. We read about the best tactics for corporate goal setting and how to implement change, and we’re constantly focusing on how to beat our stats, implement metrics and strategies, and set and crush goals that were once thought of to be impossible.


But with all the good that goal setting does, it also can cause a dangerous distraction. You might be shaking your ahead in agreement – the SMART goals, seminars, ways to make $1M overnight, and other tactics can often create a roadblock for our success rather than propellling us forward. Why?

Well, sometimes the big, fancy finish distracts us from focusing on what it will take to get there. But you’ve gotten it broken down into a million steps and everything is planned, right? Although SMART goals and planning are effective sometimes it really does obscure the path because despite it all we’re focusing on the end result rather than on being the type of person that can actually make the end result happen (and last).

We’re not saying that you won’t get there with goal planning – but it might go a lot faster if you look at the obstacles that are blocking your path and solve those, rather than try to create your own personal roadmap to success.

Here are a few things to think about when it comes to finding and overcoming the obstacles that might stand in your way:

What are you big goals? Or maybe your obstacles? We love talking business and big dreams… tell us in the comments.