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Tax season doesn’t equate to a refund for everybody. If you owe a tax bill this year, the IRS offers methods of quick and easy payment. No matter how you deliver your payment–online, on your smartphone, or delivery by horseback, make sure your tax bill is paid by April 18th.

  1. DirectPay. The quickest and easiest method of payment, this can be used to pay your individual tax bill, or your estimated quarterly taxes. No need to register, you’ll receive instant confirmation upon payment.
  2. IRS2Go App. Download the free app to your smartphone and pay your tax bill by credit or debit card quickly and on-time. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store, Google Play, or Amazon and is available for all devices.
  3. Credit or Debit Card. These standard service providers are safe and secure, but come with a small processing fee. Most fees are around $2.50.
  4. Pay when you E-file. If you file your tax return electronically, you can pay your tax bill right then and there, or even schedule it for a later date. Fund are taken directly from the bank account information you enter. Many tax return softwares like Turbotax also allow you to pay your tax bill when you e-file.

Can’t pay your full tax bill right now? You can set up a payment plan with the IRS to pay your tax bill over time. Learn how to do that here.

Weren’t able to talk to a virtual bookkeeper and a little behind on last year’s taxes? Learn how to pay last year’s tax bill here.


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