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When it comes to finances, it always seem like the goal is to spend less and do more; and when it comes to running a profitable business, you want to spend less but still earn more. It sounds easy enough, but the trouble with business is, it takes money to make money and if you’re trying to increase your gross, it usually takes more effort, not less. That said, it’s still completely doable you just have to know how to slim down on your expenditures without sacrificing ┬áthe processes you have in place. The best place to start… your books.

As accountants, we always recommend keeping a close eye on costs and managing the books on a regular basis, but we often get questions on what business owners can do if they’re specifically looking to cut costs. If this is your goal, there’s no better time to figure out how to save a penny or two, than when you’re sitting down to go over your books. Take a look at the money going out, highlight recurring expenditures and any large sums. Then take a list of our top tips (they’re easy to implement) and see if you can’t work them into your overall business strategy.

These tips might not be new, but they’re perfect for any small business owner or entrepreneur. Apply one, or apply them all and you’re bound to see an increase in green while your overall expenditures decline.

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