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I'm a Blogger. Can I Deduct Hosting, Web, and Design Fees?

Do hosting, web, and design fees count as deductions? Yes, as long as they’re specific to the running of your site or blog, they count.

Here’s the quick list if you’re running short on time:

Read on for the fine print on deducting these fees and expenses.

There are a lot of hidden expenses for bloggers. Design fees, hosting, web management, SEO. The list goes on and it can get terribly expensive – but with a little knowledge about what is or is not a valid deduction, you’ll end up saving yourself a dime or two come tax time.

Whether you write a fashion blog, a foodie blog, or a blog about web design you’re probably paying for domain names, and site hosting. Seeing that you’re already paying the bill, why not save the receipt and have it be a write off at tax time?

It doesn’t matter if your blog isn’t about tech stuff, the behind the scenes stuff of running your blog are still related, so they count.

Don’t forget the fees you pay to a graphic designer for your logo and business cards. It may only make your site appealing, but it’s an element meant to build your blog and network so it’s a valid deduction as well.

We find that trying to come up with ideas for deductions as you’re trying to file makes things harder. Take just a few minutes right now and start listing off recent expenses that are blog related. If you’ve got a few more minutes to spare, start tracking down receipts for specific dollar amounts and update your small business bookkeeping with what you find. And from here on out, print off or save all receipts – that way you’re that much closer to finishing your taxes when April 15 comes rolling around again.

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