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Running a small business requires hard work, but it also requires setting goals. Without goals, you’ll be hard pressed to turn those entrepreneurial dreams into reality. So how do you create stamina to pursue your goals when the thrill of the entrepreneurial chase is gettin you down? Here are a few of our favorite tactics to bringing life back to chasing our business goals and refueling our inspiration to make big things happen.

Monthly Reviews

It seems redundant, but just like a monthly review of your books, setting aside time to review your business goals and the stats that go with them can help build up your momentum to get great things done. Plus, reviewing what went right and wrong in regards to a goal’s progress can help you fine tune your efforts and push you further ahead – there’s no need to keep doing things that aren’t helping you accomplish what you set out to achieve. Plus, being able to step away from the day to day and see where you started and how far you’ve come can provide some pretty good power towards getting it done.

Keep Motivated

Vision boards are all the rage, but it’s true that having a visual representation of what we’re aiming for helps us in achieving it. A vision board might not be the right fit, but you can definitely find other ways to provide motivation. We like inspiring words, like this free printable – they help us remember why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

You can download your free digital copy of one of our favorite quotes by clicking here. 

Delegate & Celebrate

Big business goals often go better when you’ve got more people invested in the outcome – that’s where delegating actually becomes a superpower. Not only do you divide up the work, but you can rely on the inspiration of others to help contribute to the end goal you have in mind. You’ll also be able to draw on them when you feel your own inspiration lacking and vice versa.

Make sure to consider those that might be most interested in seeing you succeed – employees,business partners or even family members! Pull them into your goal setting process and ask where they’d like to contribute or where they see their skillsets making the most impact. Then don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments once you achieve them!

Make it Manageable & Streamline

Achieving a large goal or dream becomes easier when you break it into manageable pieces. It becomes easier still when you streamline those pieces and make them tasks that you can either automate completely or at the very least, make them routine. Take a look at what your overall goal is. What pieces do you have that have to happen more than once? Can you see a process that you could implement to make it easier to manage and part of your routine? These light bulb moments help fuel your success.


What great goals are you taking on in your business right now? What are you doing to help make them reality? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.


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