Mazuma is now Vyde

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs. Online sellers, professional bloggers, traditional mom n’ pop shops, rapidly growing brick and mortar specialty stores, and a host of professionals that provide a variety of services (everything from window cleaning to marketing and graphic design) to their customers, just to name a few. 

Despite the vast differences in their business types, strategies, and personalities, we’ve found that there are quite a few things they have in common – we’re calling them entrepreneur traits. 

And they seem to be the cause of much of our client’s success. 

If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, and are wondering if you have what it takes… read on. if you’re excited about what you’re reading then entrepreneurship is probably for you.

You maybe an entrepreneur if… 

You dream big.

You have no hesitation when it comes to coming up with an idea and creating it into a full-fledged corporation overnight. You’ve got ideas that are scalable and your dreams of achievement and success include growing a business that will not only help your bottom line but will help your customers, and the world, as well. 

You’re a problem solver.

Some people shy away from problems, you seem to run towards them. In fact, there’s nothing more exciting to you than a problem that you can wrestle with and come out on top. You’re constantly looking for new ways to do things, are interested in efficiency and processes. Most importantly, you’re looking at the world around you and finding real life problems that you can create feasible solutions to. 

You don’t mind failure.

Being ok with failure doesn’t mean that you wallow in defeat. Instead you’re quicker than most to jump up and try again. You take notes of your failures and you’re almost systematic in how you fail – making adjustments and trying again and again in order to improve your process. 

You’re a mover.

As a kid you more than likely had a hard time sitting still. As an adult, you’re constantly looking to learn new things. Movers and shakers are often entrepreneurs because they’re comfortable with keeping busy and they thrive on trying new things and executing new ideas. They’ve got a running list of things to do and they’re energized by it. 

You’re hungry.

Every day you’re waking up hungry to get to work on your most recent project or idea. Instead of losing energy thinking and working on your big ideas you seem to be energized by it.

You’re all about the little things.

You never seem to be short on consistency to do the little things. In fact, you’re 100% sure that it’s the little things that make up the big successes (and just for the record… you’re completely right!)

You’re confident.

You’ve never lacked confidence in your ability to accomplish something. You’ve got plenty of skills, but you know that you’ll figure out and foster whatever skills you may be lacking if they’re needed to accomplish your goal. 

You’re insecure.

With every bit of confidence you have, you have equal parts insecurity. You know that you have to be constantly learning new things and using your skills or you’ll find yourself behind the power curve. There might even be a little voice that tells you if you don’t keep learning and moving, you’ll never reach success and it’s that thought that spurs you on. 

What other traits do you think entrepreneurs should have? How do you work to build these skills? Tell us in the comments.


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