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This post is part of the popular Business of Blogging series. If you’re looking to start a business online, or if you’re looking to grow your business with a blog, the information provided here is a good place to start.

More and more of today’s business is being done over the internet. Shopping, consulting, taking classes, even ordering food can be done by the swipe or tap on your smartphone. Despite the fact that convenience is one of the internet’s greatest gifts, it also gives us a host of knowledge right at our finger tips.

popular Business of Blogging series

Blogging is no longer family pictures and a digital way to preserve or share memories. Today, blogging is a key way to provide expert information about your product or service and many online entrepreneurs are financially successful just by providing expert-level information alone.

So how does one turn a blog into a business? We’re glad you asked.

Despite the fact that anyone can start a blog, very few are successfully run businesses. And even though the idea of online businesses is still fairly new, the way to create a successful business is not. In this series, we discuss the details of business as it pertains to blogging, and our goal is to help you turn a profit from providing your knowledge, product, or service on your own little piece of the internet.

When it comes to business, the only real way to tell that it’s successful is through its books. You’d be surprised at how many small business owners and bloggers we talk to that admit that their books are less than stellar – they’re not even sure they’re truly making money. Today we’re talking how to create an maintain an organized bookkeeping system and we think you’ll be surprised that it’s a lot less overwhelming than you may think.

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