Mazuma is now Vyde

Some people may say they love their business, but for Yahmeemah, her business is love. As a social worker, she noticed that some of the girls at her school weren’t receiving the support and encouragement they needed to thrive. But rather than turn a blind eye, Yahmeemah began a work of love that would turn into a business. Listen as Yahmeemah shares how she began SELFY My Sister’s Keeper, an organization that uplifts and empowers adolescent girls. 

Quote: “I don’t do this for brownie points. This is what needs to be done. . . . These kids need work, they need support, they need help. And not a lot of them are getting it at home.” 


My Sister’s Keeper Pledge: 

“I promise to uplift, encourage, and empower my sister no matter what in confidence. I am my sister’s keeper.”