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Stress, illness, and a near-death experience. That’s what propelled Maureen Wendy Dearborne to find her calling in life.

From a broken engagement to missed promotions at work, Wendy felt like her life was unraveling. “I was blaming everybody and everything for every woe in my life,” she says.

But Wendy’s perspective changed when her life was nearly cut short by illness.

Dr. Maureen Wendy Dearborne“I had a near-death experience when I was 21 years old,” she says, adding with a laugh, “That was something that I actually didn’t talk about with anybody for about 10 or 11 years maybe, because when people actually spoke about things like that, you wound up in facilities that wanted to give you electric shock.”

About this experience, Wendy explains, “I was literally shown . . . all the things that I had done that led me to this point. All the things! And it was so easy for me to understand then that choice was such a powerful thing. Whether you’re in business, whether in your daily life, everything you choose to do impacts your world.”

Wendy knew she wanted to dedicate her life to empowering others, a principle she holds to even as her business journey evolves. From receiving two doctorates in metaphysics and holistic life coaching to becoming a classically trained aromatherapist and reflexologist, Wendy has continued to stretch her mind and abilities.

Wendy’s career found a new trajectory when one of her clients stormed into her office, blaming Wendy for her failed relationships.

Dejected and defeated, Wendy stared out of her office window, watching people and cars pass in the street below. That’s when Wendy’s phone rang.

A friend excitedly told Wendy about a new program she had discovered that focused on the power of choice.

“Something that she told me, the penny dropped,” Wendy says. “[I realized] I needed to approach [my clients] in a way that made them think for themselves.”

Wendy decided to continue her training. “From there, I was given a skill set that I realized that I needed in order to articulate to people about the power of their conscious and unconscious choice in their lives,” she says. “I support people in finding out what it is that they really want to do in life. Then I support them in finding out what they can do to make that happen.”

As a business owner and personal development and choice-making coach, Wendy has insightful advice for entrepreneurs. Here are some of her top tips:

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