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Did you know that epilepsy is the number one diagnosed neurological condition among children? About 4 million people suffer from epilepsy, and unfortunately,  truly personalized treatment is limited. Thankfully, Dr. Himanshu Misra has set out to change that.

Himanshu is the founder and CEO of EnlitenAI, a startup that continually monitors, records, and provides personalized management of seizures.

Himanshu is an expert data scientist, but he decided to start EnlitenAI because of his son, who suffered from epilepsy and seizures for years. While taking care of their son, Himanshu and his wife learned about the lack of support for patients and caregivers in this space. Himanshu mentions that he was grateful for the help he received from neurologists, but some patients have to wait anywhere from six months to a year for each visit. His goal is to help both patients and caregivers who are trying their best to find solutions in a difficult situation.

Through EnlitenAI, Himanshu and his team are monitoring and tracking seizures daily, allowing for more productive meetings with more accurate data and logs. “We allow the caregiver to be able to stream data the way it happened in its most pristine form, so the neurologist can see it and make more informed decisions for treatment,” notes Himanshu.

Himanshu is now looking for investors to help take EnlitenAI to the next level. He notes the unique challenges of trying to secure investors in the healthcare field. “We are bootstrapped. We have a friends and family thing going. Some of the good investors we have are looking for more results that we can show. We have the ball at the one yard line, just towards the end and are very excited about it.”  

  • Himanshu is bringing in experts wherever he can to keep the progress moving forward. Himanshu notes what has led him to put together the team he has:  “Humility is extremely important. To know that we can’t be experts in everything. We bring in experts in each of their areas because they bring a certain depth of knowledge that we cannot bring. So we know where we are strong and where we aren’t. We go the experts, and that makes our product better and allows us to focus on our core strengths.”

Himanshu lost his son in 2021. He hopes that this service will help other parents and children have a better experience and find help in managing seizures. “To me, this product, this journey, is a tribute to my son,” says Himanshu. “Just being able to create something that would’ve been a great tool for me, and knowing that others may  be able to benefit in the same way. This really is for him.”

Himanshu’s advice for other entrepreneurs who are just getting started is to be focused and have conviction and confidence. “The passion has to be there. There has to be conviction and confidence that what I am doing is the right thing. Every start up dies a thousand deaths. There will be surprises, but you have to stay focused.” 

If you want to learn more about Himanshu and his story, as well as updates with EnlitenAI, you can visit the company website: or contact him directly through his LinkedIn account: