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From protecting the President of the United States, to protecting the 9-5 office, Charles Roselle, founder of Trinity Risk Solutions, shares his story of starting a security and risk management company designed to provide companies exceptional workplace security, safety and training.

Charles worked for the United States Secret Service for 16 years, serving under both President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. During his time here, he developed the idea to start Trinity Risk Solutions. He saw the importance of the President not having to worry about his security so he can focus on the bigger picture, and felt that business owners needed the same protection. “As a leader, if you do not focus on the security of your company, you can put your organization and employees at risk, and send a message of negligence. However, if all you do is focus on security, your organization may not perform and be productive. I want to take the burden off of you as a leader, just like I did for the president, so we can enhance organizational performance by implementing our security solutions”.

He notes that too often security and safety training are an afterthought. Business owners don’t worry about it until after an accident happens. His goal is to help business owners see that by implementing security solutions, you are not just draining money, but rather, showing your employees that you care about their safety and wellbeing, and in return, you will get a more productive workforce.

Charles learned quickly that it took much more time and energy than expected to get his company off the ground. “We moved here in July of 2019, and I thought I’d have clients in that fall”, he says. “I started realizing very quickly that it takes time. It’s a process.” He notes that just getting a meeting scheduled could take weeks, and then it might be 3 or 4 meetings after that before you have any momentum.

Charles gives two pieces of advice for other small business owners, first: Find good advisors. “There are times you feel very isolated and lonely. You start wondering ‘Am I doing this right? Who can I talk to?’ I built an advisor board, just a place to get good advice, insight and answers to questions. It doesn’t have to be people in your field, industry or sector, just people you trust and know can give you some good advice, and help you not feel isolated when you are starting this process.”

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The other piece of advice is about finding a solid work-life balance. “Obviously the business is important, but for me personally, the only way I will thrive in my business, is if I’m thriving in my family life as well. It might mean a little less sleep, but that’s okay with me right now. Have that work-life balance, so that you can focus on other priorities, and frankly, more important priorities than the business.”

One thing he notes that he loves about being a business owner, is that it pulls out the creative side in him. “You really see what you are made of, and who you are”, Charles notes, ” Being a business owner, it all falls on your shoulders. And I realized that by doing that, it is scary. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time, and I have learned so much about myself”. You can learn more about the services Charles offers at his website: You can also call the office at 615-581-7050  or email at [email protected]