Mazuma is now Vyde

Joresa had a question: If she could order a cup of coffee on an app and have it delivered in 30 minutes, why couldn’t she have a dress from a store delivered in the same amount of time? This question is what led Joresa to begin GoFlyy, a company that helps other businesses grow by providing package delivery and tracking services. But starting a logistics company of this scale hasn’t always been easy. Listen as Joresa shares how she overcomes challenges from funding to technology in order to keep her small business going.


Business Advice from Joresa:

1. No one is disqualified from becoming an entrepreneur.

“It’s so important for people to know that they don’t have to have a traditional background to start a business. That imposter syndrome can set in and making it feel like you can’t build what you’re building because you didn’t do it before or you don’t have the pedigree for it, but it’s just not true.”

2. Be comfortable with failure.

“Being comfortable with failure is one of the hardest things. You just have to get over it. You’ve got to fail and you’ve got to move on.”

3. Find the pace that works for your business.

“Take a step back, ask yourself the hard questions, and manage the pace that works for you.”


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