Mazuma is now Vyde

Felicia glanced at the backseat where he son was sitting in his car seat to see every parent’s worst nightmare. He wasn’t breathing. Felicia and her husband pulled over the car and dashed to save their son. But when Felicia finally held her son in her arms, she didn’t remember her CPR training. Fortunately, her husband was able to revive their son. But that moment stayed with Felicia and she wondered if there was something she could do to help others in similar situations. That’s when CPRWrap was born. Listen as Felicia shares how she developed the idea for CPRWrap and how her perseverance led to a partnership with Walmart.

Business Advice from Felicia:  

1. Always have something tangible to show for your business. (12:48-12:58)

“Some people can’t visualize what you want to put out into the world. So it was very important that I had something tangible to show people—no matter what it looked like.”

2. Ask for an outside perspective before making big decisions. (14:55-16:55)

“Just as I thought we were done for, a group, which I now know was a group of doctors, approached me. And they wanted to buy 80 percent of my company for $1.2 million. . . . We needed this money . . . but I always tell people to have mentors and advisors, someone you can really go back and talk to so you don’t make harsh decisions that will be bad in the long run . . . . They didn’t tell me to take the money and they didn’t tell me not to. They just told me to remember my why and how hard I had worked for it. And if they were offering me $1.2 million for a concept, imagine what it would be worth a few years down the line. And I turned the money down.”

3. Never let fear be the driver. (20:10-20:42)

“Never let fear be your driver when you have to make decisions on things. . . . You’re always going to be afraid of what if. What if this don’t make it? What if I’m wasting my time? If you do that, you’ll never do it.”


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