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How to Attract the Right Talent for Your Company


The size of your budget isn’t the only factor that determines the quality, talent, and caliber of employees your company attracts. There are other ways to find employees who genuinely want to work for you, even if you’re not designing iPhones or promoting Ferraris. Here are a few quick tips on attracting and hiring the top talent in your industry:

  • Look for people who share your passion. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, advises: “Stop looking to hire people just because they have extraordinary resumes or impressive academic records. Look for people who share your passion.” A great employee catches your vision and is eager to help you make it come to life.
  • Know your purpose. If you truly know your purpose and can express it in an understandable, engaging way, people will be more likely to react to it and identify with it. More and more people are seeking job opportunities that provide a purpose and make a difference, not just a high salary.
  • Boost the company culture. While a day on the job is not all fun and games for most, it doesn’t have to be torture either. Make your business an enjoyable place to work by treating your employees well. Be generous with compliments, flexible when necessary, patient, and kind. Be the boss you’d like to work for. Encourage healthy competition among employees by offering incentives and bonuses, and show your employees that you value health, education, and professional development.
  • Help potential hires envision their future with you. Most talented and driven individuals realize they have to start somewhere, even if it’s the low man on the totem pole, before they can end up where they want to be. Use the interview to shed light on what the future may look like at your company for the employee, even if the company as a whole isn’t quite there yet.
  • Offer a great work environment. You don’t have to have massage chairs and pedicures in the break room to offer an enjoyable place to work. A few plants, a clean color pallet, and lots of natural light goes along way in creating a pleasing work environment. Even a simple offering such as free sodas in the fridge or assigned parking spots can help employees feel valued and more engaged at work.
  • Don’t shy away from the awkward topics in a job posting. State exactly what the potential employee can expect on the job, even if it seems mundane. However, you can still liven up the add by highlighting the fun, interesting ways your company engages with employees and some of the perks they can expect from the job. You may or may not choose to put the compensation in the job listing, but keep in mind that it will obviously come up at some point and you’re probably better off to be upfront about it in order to attract the right talent to begin with.

If you get a few of the right employees on your team and treat them well, word is sure to spread. Become a great employer and you won’t need to offer a six figure salary to have talented individuals beating down the door to work for you.


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