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6 Tips for How to Handle Work During the Holidays

Handle Work During the Holidays

It can be hard to stay motivated during the holidays.  There is so much to do with end of year reports due, Christmas parties, never-ending projects, and last minute gift buyers.  Don’t let those dissuade you from good business practices. Here are some realistic tips for how to keep your business running smoothly during the holidays:

Go With the Flow

Have popular items ready in large quantities and back off on your specialties, even if you like to be different.  You don’t have time for new ideas right now. This is the time to relax and save time by automating what works well and then saving new ideas for the new year.

Take Pride in What You Do

If you specialize in whole, natural ingredients, amazing customer service, etc, let people know what makes you special. Then focus on becoming the BEST at it and you’ll get noticed.  During my recent trip to Italy, I got to know the Italian way of doing business. They really take one small piece of the market, make it theirs, hone their craft, and make it better and better every year.  When you care about your product, your customers will too. This will help you become more creative and help customers get to know you better.

Work Parties are Important

Get to know your people better.  Use this time to genuinely show you care about your co-workers and get to know them better. Think of this as time dedicated to being personable and don’t let work get in the way. See how your teams click and get to know each other in a new environment.  This is where true collaboration and skills are matched.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Get creative by trying something in a unique and fancy way!-If you have an upcoming event, don’t be afraid to be unique.  Keep things simple to avoid more holiday stress, but don’t be afraid to add unforgettable flair. If you have the right setting and confidence, your unique style will be the thing that sets you apart from other events and companies

Be Consistent

Because they are made consistently and throughout time, even precarious rock structures are there to stay.  Businesses can be much the same. If the business owner takes the time to be consistent in messaging, expanding their thinking, and continually searching for new ways to be creative, they’ll have a business that stands the test of time. Take 30 mins to go over an outline for the next year.  Include events/products/timing that worked well. Changing things just to try out a new idea can be beneficial, however the main foundation of your year should start to become familiar in order to help the new ideas grow.

Make Memories with Your Loved Ones

Remember the good times and work hard so that there will be more.  Take a vacation!! Last year, I visited New Zealand around this time of year.  It always takes a great deal of planning and organizing to get out of dodge for any amount of time. This trip was no exception.  When we got there, we had so much fun. Seeing amazing landscapes, spending time with family and friends, eating new food, experiencing new adventures, and even getting new business ideas! It took alot of hard work to get there in order to have those fun experiences.  Sometimes you just have to plan to take a vacation and let whatever happens, happen. It is always good to come back refreshed, and allow ourselves to break away from the daily grind. My advice is this: Work hard, but also plan and don’t forget to play hard.

When times are crazy, remember to keep breathing, stay true to your message and company, but also have fun and make memories!  Great job all you hard working business owners! Happy Holidays!

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