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6 Part Time Businesses You Can Start Today

If you’re like most people, starting a part time business isn’t about becoming rich. It’s about doing something you love, making a little money on the side, and adding some flexibility to your already existing lifestyle. Part time businesses are also great for growing long-term wealth and providing a sense of security in case your current full-time job doesn’t pan out like you might like. in the end it might become your dream job and leaving your current 9 to 5 will be your choice, but for now, here are 6 part-time businesses you can start today:

  • Service businesses – no matter what people are always needing hair stylists, barbers,  house sitters, pet sitters, tutors, dog groomers, property managers, virtual assistants and so on. And the best part is that everyone is looking for one of these that fits their current lifestyle and budget so you’ll not be short on potential customers.
  • Consulting of all kinds – maybe you know something about marketing, small business, or want to be a life or fitness coach. Whatever you specific topic, there’s someone interested in learning from, and paying, a coach/expert to share their knowledge.
  • Tradesmen – it might seem like learning a trade is old-fashioned, but in a world where custom details and quality are becoming what set us apart, tradesmen skills are in high demand. Masons, tilers, cabinet makers, painters, seamstresses, etc. are easily trackable online so you can find one in your area.
  • Design – looking for someone who has an eye for color and layout. Whether you’re good at landscape, graphics or interiors – demand for those with creative flair and an eye for trend is high.
  • Direct selling – there are so many direct selling companies available, that it’s easy to find one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Odds are you’re already currently using a product from one of them! Make sure to do your due diligence as some direct selling companies are actually illegal business schemes. According to a recent study Monat, Scentsy, and doTerra are the top 3 MLM (multi-level marketing) companies of 2018.
  • Start a blog – you’d be surprised how many people want whatever information you might have on a certain topic. Are you an avid foodie, do you love exercise and know a lot about nutrition? Maybe you’re a rockstar parent and have read every book out there on the topic. Whatever your passion is, it’s possible to share it with the world and earn a income through blogging.


Looking for something bit more seasonal? Here’s our short list of season side hustles that will earn you some extra dough:

  • irrigation and sprinkler repair
  • tour guide for your local area
  • paddle board, paddle boats, kayaks rental
  • yard maintenance
  • food truck or snow cone shack
  • seasonal sports instructor – golf, tennis, swim, ski
  • bed and breakfast
  • air B’nB
  • snow or leaves removal

Ready to start your business but not sure what you need to be legal? We’ve got you covered. Check out licenses & permits, bookkeeping for small business here.


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