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Everyone knows that budgeting is a good practice, but for most people it’s hard to stick to. Most budgeting methods are outdated and make it too hard to keep track of all your expenses.

Luckily, nothing makes budgeting easier than a good app. These 6 budgeting apps will help you keep track of your personal finances so that you can reach your financial goals.

Pocket Guard

In a day and age where we use a card to pay for everything instead of cash, it’s hard to determine how much money we have “left in our pocket.” That’s where Pocket Guard comes in. Pocket Guard tracks daily spending, bank accounts and bills.

Pocket Guard can help with budgeting by telling you how much you have left to spend for each month. It sets aside the money you need to pay for your monthly bills and any purchases made on credit cards so that you don’t over spend. Pocket Guard will let you know when you need to slow your spending down. It can even help you find savings on your monthly bills! They also use the same 128-SSL bit security that banks use, so you know your information will be secure.

Pocket Guard is a free app for iOS and Andriod.


Mint is more than just a budgeting app, it focuses on your entire financial life. Like most budgeting apps, Mint helps you keep track of your income and expenses. It alerts you when you have bills to pay, so you don’t miss a payment.

However, it goes beyond basic budgeting and gives you more features. It keeps track of your retirement accounts and your investments. And, it shows your credit score so that you can keep track of your overall financial health.

Mint is free for iOS and Andriod, and it’s available on your desktop too.


Wally hopes to provide high-level financial tracking to the everyday man. They focus on savings, expenses and budgets so that you can meet your financial goals. Wally also allows you to take photos of your receipts for your records.

A unique aspect of Wally is that it isn’t just for the United States. It can be used in almost every country and they plan to add currency conversion, which will make it a great traveling tool.

Wally has separate versions for iOS and Andriod, but both versions are free. Wally, is the iOS version and Wally+, is the Andriod version.

Level Money

Level Money is a great tool for budgeting because it can help connect to all of your different bank accounts. It also can predict your balances based on recurring income and payments.

The best part of Level Money is that counts your money like your Fitbit counts steps, showing you how much money you’ve spent and how much you have left to go. It gives you a monthly spending budget (after deducting your bills) and levels off where you should be at each day in your spending. Another great feature is it’s financial tracking. It can show you what you’ve spend on different categories throughout the year so you can find ways to cut expenses.

Level Money is free for iOS and Andriod.


Mvelopes takes the traditional envelope budgeting systems and makes it high-tech. When you make your budget you put money for each category in an “envelope” then when you make purchases Mvelopes subtracts the money from each envelope so that you know how much you have left to spend.

Mvelopes boosts the fact that they’re more than just a budgeting app. They have other tools that can help you manage your debt and save money.

Mvelopes is free for iOS and Andriod.

Prosper Daily

Prosper Daily, formerly known as BillGuard, helps to keep track of your expenses, but it also helps you manage your credit and identity. Prosper Daily’s unique feature is that it has you approve your spending. It flags any purchases that look out of the ordinary and has you approve them or you can mark it as fraudulent. If a charge is fraudulent it allows you to file a claim from the app.

Prosper Daily is free for iOS and Andriod.



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