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Payroll is a time-intense small business task that has to be done right if employers want their employees to stick around. It’s not a task that can be delayed, or done improperly. Normally not a favorite task among small business owners, payroll is sometimes best left to the experts.

Here are three big advantages of outsourcing payroll that will save you time and money:

big advantages of outsourcing payroll

  1. Access to expertise and knowledge. Employers have to deal with almost 10,000 federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions across the United States. They also heavily rely on technology to operate more efficiently.  As a business grows, employers have more employee records to keep and also need more reporting.  The lack of technology becomes a hindrance to scaling for growth of the business. When you’re doing payroll in-house, you’re more likely to make mistakes that not only upset employees, but the government as well. Payroll service providers may be less likely to make big mistakes, and when they do, it’s easier to approach them about it than if the same mistake were made by one of your own employees.
  2. Minimize costs and risks. Outsourcing payroll can also cut costs and reduce risk. On average, businesses are overpaying employees by about 4% because of differences between the employee’s time and an accurate time record. Larger businesses often have the means to employee an entire accounting/payroll department, but businesses with fewer than 20 employees often find that outsourcing payroll saves them money. A quick way to determine if outsourcing payroll would save your business money is to figure out how many hours your employees are devoting to payroll-related activities, calculate how much you’re spending and compare the amount to the plans offered by several payroll-services providers. (Vyde offers plans around $75/month–if you’re spending more than that, you could be saving money!) Also, be sure to factor in the money your business spends on tasks like printing and distributing checks, creating tax documents, and the like.
  3. More focus on your core business. Doing payroll yourself can take a lot of time and focus from the money-making aspects of your business. Payroll may not directly increase sales, but done incorrectly, it can put your business in a world of hurt. To be in accordance with the laws and legal requirements of payroll takes a considerable amount of time and detail. Outsourcing payroll will help you save time and allow you to spend more money on the profitable parts of your business.

Struggling with in-house payroll? Discover the woes small businesses face, from errors to compliance challenges. Enter the solution: hiring an expert. Outsourcing your small business payroll to professionals ensures accuracy, compliance, and frees up valuable time. As you seek the best, consider Vyde—the most trusted accounting and bookkeeping firm in the US, providing seamless payroll services for your business success. Make the smart move today.

Outsource Your Small Business Payroll

FAQs about Outsourcing Small Business Payroll

Why outsource payroll?

Outsourcing ensures access to expertise, reduces errors, and simplifies compliance with diverse tax jurisdictions.

How does outsourcing minimize costs?

It cuts expenses on overpayments, staffing, and ancillary tasks like check printing, resulting in significant savings.

Can small businesses benefit from outsourcing?

Absolutely. For businesses with fewer than 20 employees, outsourcing payroll saves money and allows focus on core operations.

What risks does outsourcing payroll mitigate?

Outsourcing reduces the risk of errors in tax filings, legal compliance, and employee payment discrepancies, fostering smoother operations.

How does outsourcing enhance business focus?

By delegating time-consuming payroll tasks, businesses can redirect their attention and resources to revenue-generating activities, fostering growth.


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