Mazuma is now Vyde

  1. Hire Independent Contractors: An independent contractor can save you money because you aren’t paying for any employee benefits for them. They’re a great option if you don’t need a full-time person doing the work.
  2. Change Your Phone System: Phone systems can add up. See if you can simplify your system and use free options instead.
  3. Stay Virtual: If you can run your business online, do it. Opening a physical location can add a lot of expenses (think rent, insurance, utilities, etc.)
  4. Create your own forms: Instead of buying forms from a local office supply store, create your own. This will help keep them unique to your business and save you money.
  5. Renegotiate Your Rent: If you have to have a physical location talk with your landlord and see if you can renegotiate your rent. If there are a lot of empty spaces in your city, then your landlord may be more open to discussing your rent.
  6. Buy Recycled Ink Cartridges: Ink cartridges are really expensive, especially when people are frequently printing. Instead of buying brand new ones, buy recycled. It will save you money and you’re more eco friendly.
  7. Reevaluate Your Medical Insurance: Medical insurance is a big expense for businesses. Don’t leave picking a policy for the last minute. Really research your options and see if you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
  8. Hire Temporary Employees: If you know you’re going to have a busy season coming up, but won’t need employees after the busy season ends, then hire temporary employees.


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